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08.01.07 I'd allmost forgotten....how it was.... Allmost given up, faith would be my guide, karmacontroll temperarily cancelled and a slumbering tool in my box. It was ment to be this way though. With no expectations no disappointments, no dreams, no misfortune and only gratitude was then to grow in my heart if something good and exiting should happen.
It is never pointless whatever you do. Get your ass out there and do something for something you believe in. Even if it ends up as a dead end project.
I suddently realized that now. It'll all come back to you some time in a form you least could imagine and from an entirely different angle you could expect.
Wow man, that was like crome polished and went as it was ment from beginning to end. Thats what I've allways said, Play like they do on the record. Then we don't need to discuss and boring repertitions are unnecessary. Blunt and theoretically spoken in 99% of the cases but when band members are located over an area three times the size of Denmark it is quite handy with a CD in the pocket.
For the first time in 5 years I realized how cool it was sweatting for this cd, and having the dream and making it come true. It is there now and noone can change that. Quite euphoric to participate in a perfect version of "You are Mine" (among others) without rehersal in front of a big and cheerful audience. This stunt requires offcourse a diciplined band who can do their homework without the tender care of a nanny. And that's ecsactly what I eksperienced when I joined the Irish oriented Swedish folk rock band WAVES on a audition gig this weekend. I hope for more gigs to come and I couldn't dream of a better forum to perform my songs, my tunes and my fiddlestyle.
The great number of melodic instruments i WAVES, accordion, mandolin, guitar, fiddle, keys, makes it inspiring to think of what we can make of it. Great thanks to Fritte for inviting me in... and also thanks to the rest of the band for a great evening.




28.12.06 Merry Christmas and a happy newyear to all visitors and friends hoping for a new year filled with creative challenges. Let Fritte's mandolin chord here be a model, indicating that there is allways an alternative solution to any problem.
Also welcome to this news page in english..........