6. oktober: kl. 22:00 Kopparhatten, Falun

7. Oktober: kl. 21:00 Café Soldi, Sollerön

In Concert:

Doug Morter Guitar/vocals
Alan Thomson Bass/vocals
Paul Burgess Drums
Jens Falck Guitar/vocals/violin/mandolin

Det finns många jättefina musiker i Dalarna, och kanske just därfor är det inte så vanligt at få prominent internationelt besök på intimscenerna här i området. Därfor er det med stor glädje vi kan presentera den engelska låtskrivaren Doug Morter, med sin vackra röst, sin sublima guitar fingerstyle och fina tolkningar avtraditionel engelsk folk och egna låtar. Med sig har han et dreamteam best. av Pentangle/John Matyn bassist Alan Thomson och trummisen Paul Burgess fron 10CC!! som till och med har ett förflutet med Jethro Tull. Det är den härboende dansk, guitar, fiol, Mandolin, låtskrivaren Jens Falck som har lyckades med invitationen. Tillsammans har Doug Morter, Alan Thomson och Jens Falck turnerat i Danmark,
Norge och England med Backroomboys, bandet med den legendariska Guitarist Jerry Donahue som nyligen besökte Falun. Paul Burgess er special guest och har tidligere varit fast medlem af Backroomboys.
Det bjuds på heftig fingerstyle elektrisk countryrock/blues på hög nivå, klassisk engelsk folk, egna låtar blandat med celtic, skotske jigs och reels.


Mix two Celts and two bluesmen together, and what have you got? Celtic Blues. Finger picking folk/blues, with Celtic violin, plus one of Europes finest rhythm sections. Alan Thomson (bassist with John Martyn, Pentangle, plus plus,) and Paul Burgess, (drummer with 10CC, Jethro Tull, plus plus), all the best in the folk/rock tradition, plus the downhome roots/blues
all four have grown up with.

The world of folk rock music has always had it’s innovators. From the folk rock boom of the late sixties, seventies and eighties, ground breaking bands like Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span, Pentangle, Magna Carta, The Albion Band, and great singer/songwriters like John Martyn, Michael Chapman, Ralph McTell, were at the forefront of this movement, bringing it to a world arena, in line with the import of American artists, like Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, who also were inspired by the traditional/celtic sounds of British folk music. Blended with the modern electric sounds that were sweeping the world, “roots” music was the outcome, a healthy mixture of folk/blues/r&b that uses all the melodic aspects of these genres.
Take four musicians who, over the course of their careers were (and in some cases, still are) members of Pentangle, Magna Carta, The Albion Band, John Martyn Band, Michael Chapman Band, and you can see the pedigree and history of these band

Doug Morter (guitar/vocals) was a member of both Magna Carta and The Albion Band, and with singer/songwriters Michael Chapman and Richard Digance, toured extensively in UK and the rest of Europe, also working with Maddy Prior (Steeleye Span front lady), and sharing the same stages with David Bowie, Jethro Tull, Supertramp, Ralph Mctell, Joan Armatrading, Fairport Convention, and countless others, over a thirty seven year proffessional career. His continuing projects include his twenty year alliance with guitar legend Jerry Donahue, in their band together, The Backroom Boys.

Paul Burgess (drums) will be mostly known to the public through his twenty five year association with rock/pop legends 10CC (and still going), but within those years Paul has had time to play with Magna Carta, Gloria Gaynor, Camel, Jethro Tull, Chris Farlowe, Mick Abrahams, (Jethro Tull), Joan Armatrading, Elkie Brooks, Icicle Works, and countless others.

Alan Thomson (bass/vocals) has achieved international recognition through his work with Scots legend John Martyn, with whom Alan has shared the studio with Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, and as an individual bassist, has worked with Julia Fordham, Andy Summers (Police), Roger Hodgson, (Supertramp)Rick Wakeman, John Jorgensen, Amos Garrett, and still is a member of Jacqui McShee’s Pentangle.

Jens Falck (guitar/vocals/violin/man dolin), Danish multi instrumentalist, now a resident of Sweden, has worked with most of the top names in Danish folk rock music, Allan Olsen, Esther Brohus, Billy Cross,
DjurslandSpillemænd, and with his own bands Hawks and Friends, and Jens Falck Band, and lately with Doug and Jerry Donahue, in the Backroom Boys, and The Donahue Morter Falck Trio.
Celtic blues or Viking rock? Bonnie Raitt meets RunRig? Little Feat meets Fairport Convention? Or BB King meets Steeleye Span? Take your pick. Groove meets The Scotish Highlands. Whichever bag you want to put it in, what comes out is a foot stompin’ evening. Well crafted songs, with the Celtic violin and blues slide, plus plus plus!